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Musicians in the 80sAt Umpteen Productions our mission is to inspire local youth to embrace learning by participating in our local, creative music and performing arts community. We do this by (1) advocating for arts integrated learning programs in our educational community (2) mentoring local teens who wish to participate in our productions (3) promoting and documenting local talent, particularly where we see the valuable role artists play in local education.

Our cameras have documented proof that arts-integrated education works. This documentation, coupled with ongoing research, continues to provide evidence that: when the arts are taught as individual subjects or integrated into the core curriculum, all manner of students benefit.

Leaders of great and peaceful nations have known for thousands of years about the importance of the arts in education. Therefore, we view it as our civic responsibility to help in the effort to continue, maintain and improve education through the arts. Future generations must have healthy minds and hearts to cope with what is to come.

Educating through all forms of art, opens hearts and minds, builds community, supports local culture, provides inspiration and thus a creative economy, managed by civilized human beings, who are willing and able to engineer better lives for the benefit of all its citizens.

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“After all, arts education is really the only way to create a more knowledable public… Art is central to a civil society. Kids who create don’t destroy.” Terry Semel, former CEO Warner Brothers