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McCabe's Summer Music Fectival 1977Music and Art in Education is a series of short documentaries illustrating how experts and dedicated non-profit educational groups, teachers have used the humanities to engage students on a healthy, happy journey toward a productive adulthood.

The skills involved in learning music and the arts – not to mention the courage to compose, open up, apply critical thinking and creative – are but a few of the exciting ways the student benefits from arts-integrated curricula. In fact, recent brain research validates this educational approach to improve math, language skills, and self-confidence. Furthermore, music and the arts engage youth, inviting self-expression and productivity.

Cultural activities are particular important for the at-risk youth living in poverty. The experts are continually discovering new and different ways music and arts activities improve a student’s over-all performance in school, life, and during identity formation years.

The further along Umpteen Productions has traveled on our advocacy path, the more successes we have discovered. How can we all be assured a future of better educated youth? We believe by sharing in the responsibility of informing ourselves and others through our documentation, and providing encouragement to our young friends, schools and educators who are actively making the necessary effort to assure that music, media and all the arts, crafts, math, and sciences are integrated in school curricula.