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Port of Vermont

A book and Curriculum Plan Addressing Diversity through Arts Integrated Classrooms

Port of Vermont

The Port of Vermont book will be a mechanism for raising scholarship funds to improve access by underserved youth to after-school arts, crafts and music programming around Vermont. It will be sold in a coffee table format and its images will be sold in a print and calendar format.

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As each of us enters the Port of Vermont to make a personal connection with this fair state, what is it we see and experience? Is it an instant love or euphoria for the view, the water, the people, the crafts, the music? The Port of Vermont is a coffee table book filled with photos of the Green Mountain State in all of its cultural splendor. The written content flows from the heart of Vermont’s wide array of creative and talented residents. Further, the proceeds go toward the Umpteen Productions Scholarship Fund, for at-risk teens, in association with the City of Burlington and the Parks and Recreation Department. It will accompany the Port of Vermont Curriculum & Cultural Development Project, designed to focus attention on the educational value of music, arts, crafts, sciences, media technology, and the performance arts for children across the state.

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