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What is Port of Vermont

Port of VermontPort of Vermont is designed to support the at-risk and underserved youth of Burlington to help them increase their self esteem and expand their sense of pride in place.

Port of Vermont is both a book AND a supplemental curriculum plan for arts integration

The book presents the local arts, music and crafts community, past and present – that is, the cultural history of Vermont – in all its diversity. It does this by melding written histories with photographic images.

How will it be used?

In two ways:

FIRST, the Port of Vermont book will be a mechanism for raising scholarship funds to improve access by underserved youth to after-school arts, crafts and music programming around Vermont. It will be sold in a coffee table format and its images will be sold in a print and calendar format.

  • For example, children from King Street, Howard, Spectrum, the Boys and Girls Club, etc. could attend programs affiliated with the Flynn Center, Burlington City Arts, the Department of Parks & Recreation, Main Street Landing, the South End Art Hop, and others.
  • Youth could also use these scholarship funds for training or apprenticeship opportunities with local artists.

SECOND, the Port of Vermont book and supplemental curriculum text will be a tool for high school teachers to help them teach history in an engaging fashion using its arts-integrated approach. While students go through a process of connecting with the local cultural history and artistically addressing the question “What does the Port of Vermont mean to me?”, they will experience a new understanding of where they fit into their community. Their pride in place will increase. This process will also inspire the learning of skill sets for self expression,enhancing self confidence and self worth.

About Umpteen Productions

Umpteen Productions, LLC has an educational focus. Its founder and Executive Producer is Patricia J. Braine. She is also the author, photographer, and director of Port of Vermont. Her co-authors are Jedd and Launie Kettler.

Its Mission is twofold:

FIRST, to advocate (a) for the return of the Arts and Sciences to the classroom, and (b) for greater access to arts, crafts, and music programs in the state for at-risk and underserved youth.

SECOND, to build recognition for the local Vermont arts community and help develop Burlington’s creative economy.

Its Vision: Burlington is a place with a highly developed creative economy, where the cultural history of the city is brought to students through arts integration, resulting in an increase in self esteem among our at-risk youth and an expanded sense of pride in place and community.

Contact Umpteen Productions to learn more.