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Who We Are

New Nile Orchestra, John Hammond and Return To ForeverUmpteen Production’s Advisory Team

– Director of Jazz Studies
– Fine & Performing Arts Chair at Johnson State College.

– Co-Founder and Director of the Vermont Global Village Project.

– Executive Director at Lake Champlain Access Television.
– Video Production Instructor.

– Artist.
– Costume designer.
– Dancer.
– Drama teacher.

– Media Consultant.
– Photo Editor.
– Film and video post- production.

– National Television Commercial Producer.

– Instructor of Electronic Recording Arts at Burlington Tech Center.
– Freelance producer of live musical performances.
– Videographer.

– School Counselor and Prevention Coordinator, Chittenden East, VT.

– Music Educator at Charlotte Central School, VT.
– Past-president of Vermont Music Educators Association. (2003, 2004).
– Music Educator of the Year.

– Television Editor for educational programming.

– Television Producer of musician and artist documentaries.
– Producer for live multi-camera music television productions for PBS and HBO.

– International Award-Winning Director of television commercials.
– Director of Photography for feature films.

– Director, Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy (J.U.i.C.E.), an after school
center focused on violence prevention through the transformational arts
of the hip-hop culture.

– Owner Advance Music in Burlington, Vermont.
– Musician and local music promoter.

Umpteen Productions is the brainchild of Patricia Braine. In 1994, Braine began piloting programs that would give teens a public voice on critical issues affecting them and their peers.

During more recent years, Umpteen Productions has focused on creating documentaries advocating for arts integrated education and programs that promote local culture, utilizing local film students in the local college community as editors and camera operators.

Aiding Braine in a deeper understanding of the importance of arts integrated education are her keen interest in motivating and inspiring teens to create. Braine has a BA in Mass-Communications and Psychology with a concentration in Developmental Education, built on a foundation of studies in Early Childhood Education, parenting three children and years of first-hand experience with various educational modalities, disciplines, approaches, theories and teaching methods, dating back to 1966.

As a journalist and volunteer, Braine has been closely associated with numerous non-profits and youth advocacy groups. Her engagement with teens is rich in stories of success. She has directed projects such as:

– Chittenden East School District, Anti-smoking poster campaign – Instructor
– Vermont Public Television, Burklyn Ballet Summer Program documentary – Producer
– State of Vermont, Anti-Drug grant supported four-pilot “Teen Talk, Television Talk Show for Teens – Producer/Director
– “Good Citizen Magazine,” music publication promoting local music with articles, reviews and photos by local students – Co-Publisher

In 1998, during the process of making a decided leap into television, video and film production from publishing, Braine moved to the West Coast. Though she took time-out to guide the establishment of the teen section of a weekly newspaper in Santa Monica, California. The next three years were focused on cinema studies and learning television and film production from the school of “hard-knocks.” She continues networking with film industry leaders and currently has several projects in development.

In 2000, she returned to her home town of Burlington, Vermont to further established Umpteen Productions, LLC in the community where her passion to advance the arts in education is strengthened by loyalty.

As a graduate student of Art in Education at Saint Michael’s College and broadcast journalism at Lyndon State College, Braine further researched the topic while fulfilling a three year contract with the Vermont Arts Council of filming:

– Vermont MIDI Project
– Flynn Center for the Arts “Words Come Alive”
– Brattleboro Museum’s “Visual Thinking Skills”

“What a joy it is documenting children as they engage with these wonderful programs. The results are clearly moving, as we interviewed them reflecting on what they learned and experienced during these three years.” Braine muses.

“Personally, it has been a life changing honor to be in the classroom working along side these gifted educators with a similar passion for integrating the arts into public education,” Braine exclaims enthusiastically.

“There is no question that by integrating the arts into the core curriculum, we serve each student as an individual.” Braine explains. “It’s also exciting to observe how quickly and easily teens respond as they are encouraged and become inspired to freely express their creativity, their essence, their talent. The results are consistently fresh, exciting and cutting-edge.”

“By adults remembering and understanding that it is art and culture which has been the driving force of free societies and evolved civilizations,” says Braine. “We, as educators and parents, can permit all our students to honor their creativity and see how – regardless of skill level – each student can release their fears about school and become engaged.

“As we do this,” she continues, “even at-risk teens begin to feel whole. They see and understand who they are as contributors to adult society. They are engaged not only in their own growth and development, they experience real joy about who they are. This is then reflected by higher achievement and better performance in school.”